Choose Palais Furniture, a store with formidable competition from different angles, all trying to sell furniture,

Unfortunately to the same market, you sure know it is never easy,

But we don’t bother, we don’t fear, we don’t shake,

From East to West, all the way to North and South,

Competitors may call it over confidence, but we call it passion

We know what we sell, and we sell what we know!


With a wide range of experience, we have aligned ourselves to quality products,

Not forgetting service delivery, our customers call the shots,

From all walks of life, both high and low,

We know what value you bring; “thank you” we hope it gets to you

The little you contribute never goes unnoticed;

With you, our vision is no longer blurry!


To our potential clients, have you heard about us yet?

Have you tried our furniture? Prices range from Ksh 8,000 to a budget of your choice,

With our delivery and after-sales service, doing business with us will be a hobby,

Don’t let the ship sail without you on board, save your space right here,

Palais Elaganza, is your one-stop shop to all your office and home furniture!














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