As women when decor we all like our rooms to be cozy, bright, inviting and decorated with all sorts of little things. That is in our nature regardless of it being a shared room or not. And I know majority of us do not always get the big spaces we fantasize about, but who said we should fill up our bedrooms with dollhouse furniture just because they are not as big as we had hoped for? We can still make a statement by bringing out all our crazy personalities when decorating our little “sanctuaries”. So this is how we can make every inch of space beautiful and the same time functional


Let us get creative

When it comes to any bedroom, where the bed is should in most cases be the point of interest. This is where you make your personality known. For a small room the bed size should not go beyond 5×6, because we need to save as much space as we can. So how can we make our bedrooms look stunning, but of course without overdoing it?

Decorating the focal point of the room

  • Get a decorative theme that you would like. There are dozens of affordable wallpapers available that we could use for our bedrooms to bring out our individual personalities.
  • Beautiful rugswe all need to have comfortable rugs under the bed since no queen should wake up to a cold floor; preferably a plain colour depending on individual taste. This also makes the area stand out. Find amazing ones here that are available locally.
  • A great mattress for the beauty sleep that we all deserve. Good quality mattress is one of the many important secrets needed. Get one that gives you great lumbar support, after all what makes a bedroom cool is the comfort it provides especially when sleeping. Find quality mattresses and beds available here.
  • Throw pillows– These are what make the bed look neat and inviting when made, but just the right amount of them. You could use approximately two to six pillows depending on your preference but for a 5×6 bed, two pillows will do just fine.
  • Lampstands table on one or both sides of the bed if it is a shared room, that is well equipped with all the necessities you might need during the night and when you wake up. For instance, you could place a glass of water or a book that you can reach at the comfort of your bed. Here are cool lampstands to accessorize your table
  • Elegant and calming artwork that is less emotionally loaded. This could be placed slightly above the head board or directly opposite the bed. Find artwork locally available perfect for your bedroom.

Decorating the other parts of the room

  • Sitting area– Every room regardless of size should have a place where you can seat to put on shoes, surf the internet, have conversations with your partner or girlfriends allowed in the bedroom to play dress up. This is also a good way of keeping technology away from the bed. This is the best place around for all home furniture
  • Dressing area– This could combine both the closet and the dressing table to save space. Get a dressing table that has a few storage drawers. Find cool designs here

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