Have you discovered the mobile office partitions yet? In order to increase work productivity in a busy office, there are certain things that are implemented including, defining a workstation using office partitions. In the recent past, partitioning an office required heavy and long construction work, but thanks to technology we now have portable ones, depending on the size of the office and individual taste. Office partitions are made from wood panels, metal alloys and glass making them a far superior choice in comparison to concrete walls.


  1. Two-way office partitions

This is a type of partition meant for two, probably a start-up that has few employees( approx: 2) with limited space. The prices normally range from about Ksh 30,500 to whatever price you can afford.

  1.  Three-way office partititions

Just like the two-way partitions, the three-ways are made for smaller offices and few employees. They tend to give the privacy needed to improve work productivity. All partitions come with side drawers where one can store important work documents.

Just like any office and home furniture, portable office partitions can be customized and designed to your own preference. Therefore, you can have partitions made for 2 to a number of your choice, but according to the trend, an office with a large number of employees, tend to use four-way partitions. Such that, they use a number of the four-ways partitions in one big office making the employees work in group of fours.

discover mobile office partitions:

  • Office partitioning systems provide a flexible form of division within the work space so each department has its own work area
  • Typical office cubicles, isles or dividers can be moved around if the need arises without any extra expenditure.
  • They also provide privacy and soundproof places as the need may be.
  •  They are easy to clean and maintain and come in a variety of hues and designs or can be custom designed to best suit the space they are installed in.

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