What type of chair do you have at your work station? Are you sure that you are up to date with the office chairs trend 2017? Get your employees mesh chairs today and improve their work productivity. Below are reasons why.

What makes mesh chairs cool

  • Ventilation: Fully upholstered chairs trap sweat, mesh don’t and yes your employees are ensured of coolness, dryness and freshness all day. Don’t you think this alone is enough to improve their productivity? Check out some of our mesh chairs that a very pocket friendly.
  • Minimum maintenance: In simple language, less trapped sweat, less staining therefore, you do not need to spend a lot in cleaning the chairs and making them smell good. ¬†Again, will this improve productivity or not?
  • Durability: Since mesh chairs use plastic or metal plastic frames, they tend to last longer than fully upholstered chairs. This is because, the upholstered ones tend to wear out and the pads flatten.

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