Pimp that monobloc and say goodbye to back pain. It is everyone’s problem, especially if you do not have a budget for a new chair with all ergonomic features to maintain your back’s posture. But, did you know you could add some back support to your non-ergonomic chair? Thanks to technology, we have portable backrests all over. They come in different shapes, designs, colour, but they all end up fulfiling one need. Keeping your back in shape no matter how long you work on a desk.


  • It gives great lumbar support
  • Backrest angle should allow you to position yourself in an upright (90o) or slightly reclined posture.
  •  It prevents strained muscles
  • It corrects slouched posture
  • Results to uncomfortable pressure in mid-back area

Positioning your backrest angle is a balancing act. A slightly reclined position is more comfortable for your spine but you need to be sufficiently upright to read your monitor and type on your keyboard. The lumbar support in the chair should fit the small of your back; if it’s positioned too low, it will hit your buttocks and promote a slouched posture.


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