The right file cabinet for your home or office is the key to creating an effective method for organization and storage.File cabinets offer a convenient way to store important files and paperwork to minimize desk clutter.

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  • 2 black drawers for letter-size hanging files
  • Glide suspension for smooth drawer movement
  • Includes lock for security
  • Lightweight steel construction

A filing cabinet is a piece of office furniture usually used to store paper documents in file folders. In the most simple context, it is an enclosure for drawers in which items are stored. The two most common forms of filing cabinets are vertical files and lateral files. A vertical file cabinet has drawers that extend from the short side (typically 15 inches) of the cabinet. A lateral file cabinet has drawers that extend from the long side (various lengths) of the cabinet.

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  • Metallic Filling Cabinet
    Metallic Filling Cabinet

    Falcon Metallic Filling Cabinet

    • 4 drawer filling cabinet
    • Metallic
    • 457mm[L] x 607mm[W] x 1320mm[H]
    • Brown/Ivory
  • HOT
    KSh18,000.00 KSh15,000.00

    Arrange your favorite little things or office files and documents on this high quality linear column shelf Features

    • Wooden
    • Five wide shelves
  • Features

    • 3-drawer file cabinet design features 1 pencil/storage drawer and 2 high-sided drawers.
    • High-sided drawers are ready to accept hanging file folders.
    • Lock secures the top 2 drawers to keep your files and items private.
    • A grey organizer file cabinet is a sleek and stylish office addition.
    • You can accent your existing office color with this black 3-drawer file cabinet
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