Smoking is a health risk we all know about, but did you know sitting all day (approximately 8 hours) in a poor quality chair is far more risky?, to mention a few, are some of the problems brought about by just sitting at your workstation. You probably see no importance in spending a lot of money in office furniture considering the current economic problem getting worse by day, but investing a few extra coins in your health and work productivity should not be something to think about twice. Getting high-quality ergonomic chairs is a change we should all make.

Studies by BioMed Central about  Masculoskeletal Disorders show that the chair has a direct influence on body posture, and therefore individuals suffering from musculoskeletal symptoms which include: [localized or widespread pain that can worsen with movement, aching or stiffness of the entire body, the feeling that your muscles have been pulled or overworked, fatigue, sleep disturbances, twitching muscles, the sensation of “burning” in your muscles], are often advised to alter the chair at their workstations. So what are these features that our chairs should have to maintain our posture regardless of sitting all day?

Below are ergonomic features and types of ergonomic chairs we should look for, to maintain healthy spines:

  • Height adjustability- a good ergonomic chair has features that enable you to adjust seating height
  • Comfort- all ergonomic chairs should give you a sense of comfort after adjusting it to the preferred height
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Should have replaceable seat and back pads-this is to enable easy change of the upholstery when it wears out
  • Allows active sitting- this helps in improving oxygen flow and posture
  • Should have arm and neck rests to help reduce the strain on shoulders and the body in general

       Types of Ergonomic chairs

  • Ergo human High Back Swivel with head rest

This type of chair is versatile to adjust to any body shape and is engineered for extended comfort.  The high back and headrest support your full body from top to bottom. The seat is extra wide to fit a more portly user. Breathable mesh gives you a cool and comfortable session. The chair has an all-metal frame that provides strength and durability.

  • Board Butterfly office chair

This chair has a combined line up of ergonomic features with a modern an elegant design that gives you total control over your sitting. It has butterfly plating of chassis, hand bar and nylon wheel.

  • Low back covey chair

Its features include; mash cover, aluminum alloy chroming finishing base, fix armrest and adjustable seater up and down.

  • Leafy mesh chair

This type of ergonomic chair is fully meshed, mechanism any position locked, aluminum base and fixed armrests

  • Clay mid-back mesh chair

This type of office chair has removable arms, built in-lumbar support, chrome finished base with dual wheel casters and an array of other ergonomic features.


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