A small office layout is more challenging than a more generous office space. The reduced space makes it even harder to organize the layout in an efficient way, in a way where team members are empowered to do the best job that they can possibly do. So what can employers do to make sure that their team members have the best possible place to work in?

Design & Desk Space

1. Paired Islands
Desks are scattered in facing pairs like islands within an open-concept room. Rotate the pairs on a monthly basis so that employees build close working relationships with everyone on their team.

2. Assembly Line
Desks are lined up side-by-side along the length of the room in rows. Have your rows face each other to at least build a debate-style set up for conversation.

3. Blocked Seating
Desks are typically arranged in groups of 4, much like the paired island structure. A great set-up for team-based collaboration.

4. The Bullpen
Desks form an inner-facing circle (or rectangle) so that you can get the most face time with everyone on your team.

Since we know by now that open office spaces are not really conducive to productivity, you might want to find a way to place dividers between desks. in order to improve privacy.

Fixtures & Focal Points
Every office needs an area conducive to communication, dedicated to teamwork. Establish a feature wall with these go-to team-builders:

The whiteboard
Shake up the space and get everyone out of their seats for some amount of time every day. Having a visual focal point that everyone can focus on together provides a welcome break from solitary desk time.

The roundtable
In corporate settings, the boardroom is a typical place for convening and collaborating, so why not bring the boardroom to your office? A small round table situated to the side of the desk area allows teams to share ideas in a more intimate and informal setting.

The monitor
There’s nothing worse than crowding around someone’s desk to see what they’re working on, especially if space is already tight as it is. A presentation monitor draws everyone’s attention and allows team members to properly showcase their projects for feedback. But make sure the monitor is mounted on a wall if you’re already strapped for space as it is.

Movement & mobile furniture
When space is limited, you can make the most of it by maximizing flexibility. Functional and forward-thinking solutions will keep your space fresh.

Moveable desks
Desks on wheels: who would have guessed that something so simple could transform a team environment? Embraced by business accelerators and start-ups alike, the mobile desk means working with whomever you want, whenever you want.

Collapsible meeting space
No room for a roundtable? No problem. Invest in an ergonomic-friendly standing table that can double as a back saver or simply collapse a round table and pull up your chairs for meeting time.

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