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What is microfiber material and its advantages?

Microfiber is a soft and durable polyester fabric that makes for an excellent choice for furniture upholstery due to its many benefits. Its gentle texture ensures that you are always comfortable when sitting on the furniture. It is water-resistant and highly durable, which makes it perfect for households with children and pets. The maintenance required is minimal, which makes it a stress-free option. Furthermore, the fabric retains its color exceptionally well, so your furniture will maintain its originality for an extended period.

Microfiber is exceptionally water-resistant, but it is not entirely impervious to stains. The tightly woven fibers of microfiber cause any liquids to form droplets and remain on the surface of the fabric for a brief period, allowing you time to clean it up before it seeps into the fibers. With prompt cleaning, your furniture will remain unblemished, and it will be as though nothing was ever spilled on it.

Additionally, maintaining the cleanliness of microfiber furniture is effortless. Using a vacuum with a soft-brush attachment can help remove any loose dirt and crumbs from the cushions and seams. However, if you encounter a smudge or liquid stain, it is important to first consult your supplier for care instructions. If it is safe to use water, you can apply a small amount of dish-washing liquid suds on a clean cloth and gently rub the affected area in circular motions. For those who prefer to use specialized cleaning products, the Turtle brand offers a popular microfiber cleaning agent that comes with a foaming brush, which can be easily sourced locally (See image).

In summary, if you’re looking for an easy-to-maintain, comfortable, and long-lasting upholstery fabric, microfiber is an excellent choice.

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