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  • Madrid Plus Electric Recliner Sofa Set - 6 Sitter
  • Madrid Plus Electric Recliner Sofa Set - 6 Sitter
  • Madrid Plus Electric Recliner Sofa Set - 2 Sitter

Madrid+ Electric Green Seats

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Transform your living room into a haven of comfort and sophistication with the Madrid+ Electric Green heavy microfiber recliner sofa set. Available in 6 or 7 sitter configurations, this exceptional sofa set offers abundant seating space for family and guests, while the 2C sitter with Bluetooth speakers and USB charging port brings convenience and entertainment. Crafted from durable microfiber fabric, the sofa set exudes luxury and features electric reclining mechanisms, ensuring effortless adjustments for optimum relaxation. The 2 sitter configuration includes a practical center console, while the 3 sitter has a stationary middle seat. With the Madrid+ Electric Green recliner sofa set, you can indulge in unparalleled comfort, style, and convenience, creating a well-appointed and inviting living room ambiance.

Seat Configuration:
7 Sitter 3+2C+1+1
6 Sitter 3+2C+1
3 Sitter
2C Sitter
Single Sitter

* C – Center Console with Bluetooth speakers and USB Charging Port, Wireless Charging

Made of Heavy Microfiber Fabric.

All Recline except middle seat of the 3 Sitter. All the seats that recline have an electric mechanism.

Live in comfort on this sofa set with a reclining mechanism and the 2 Sitter has a CENTER CONSOLE for holding beverages, DVD/CD or plate holder or remotes etc.


Enhance the comfort and sophistication of your living room with the Madrid+ Electric Green heavy microfiber recliner sofa set. This exquisite sofaset is meticulously designed to offer unparalleled relaxation, and it comes in both 6 and 7 seater configurations, providing abundant seating space for your family and guests.

Opt for the 7 seater option if you desire ample room for everyone, while the 6 seater variant offers a slightly more compact yet equally comfortable choice. For a cozy ambiance in a smaller space, the 3 seater configuration is an excellent option.

To add convenience and entertainment to your lounging experience, consider the 2C seater, equipped with Bluetooth speakers and a USB charging port that supports wireless charging. This exceptional feature enables effortless device connectivity, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music or movies while unwinding on the sofaset.

The Madrid+ Electric Green sofa set is crafted from heavy microfiber fabric, striking a perfect balance between durability and luxurious comfort. The material’s exquisite texture adds a touch of sophistication to your living space, elevating the overall aesthetic.

Almost all seats in this exceptional sofaset are designed to recline, ensuring that you can find your ideal position for ultimate relaxation. The only exception is the middle seat of the 3 seater, which remains stationary. However, for your convenience, all the reclining seats are equipped with an electric mechanism, guaranteeing effortless and seamless adjustments.

The 2 seater configuration of this remarkable sofaset features a practical CENTER CONSOLE. This thoughtful addition offers a convenient space to hold beverages, DVDs/CDs, plates, or remotes, ensuring that everything you need is within arm’s reach. Say goodbye to clutter and enjoy a well-organized and convenient living room.

Indulge in the extraordinary comfort and style of the Madrid+ Electric Green heavy microfiber recliner sofa set. If you prefer a single seater, the 1 seater option is also available, allowing you to customize the configuration to suit your preferences and requirements. Immerse yourself in the luxurious design of this sofaset and experience true relaxation in the embrace of your living room.

Additional information

Seat Configuration

7 Seater [With Console], 6 Seater [With Console], 3 Seater, 2 Seater [With Console], Single Seater


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