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Palais Elaganza Limited [Palace of Elegance] is a private owned and managed business organization focused on providing Home and office Furniture to the Corporate and Public Sector in Kenya. With a wide range of experience in the industry, we have aligned ourselves to quality products and service delivery.

Our vision is to maintain relationships with both customers and suppliers, where trust and an intimate understanding of business practices allow the highest levels of service to be provided and maintained. Despite formidable competition and a tough economy, Palais Elaganza has capitalized in this industry propelled by ambition to contribute in the economic well being of Kenya in fulfilling the economic empowerment initiatives.

We deliver our furniture to clients’ sites and help in assembly and installation. We also offer clients’ staff training on maintenance on how to handle the furniture. After Sales Services is also a service we provide to clients for a period of one year after delivery of furniture. This involves any furniture or factory defects which are replaced immediately. Breakages due to mishandling are repaired and we will charge a fee to cover any associated costs. Our costs are quite competitive and we like advising our clients to compare with our competitors and nevertheless we are the lowest in town based on purchase quantities. Palais Furniture is made from both local and imported raw materials. They are affordable, but strong enough to withstand our users’ requirements.


Our Location

We are located in Hurlingham on 1st floor in Kose Heights building which houses Housing Finance Bank on ground floor along Argwings Kodhek Road opposite Autopedia Car Bazaar.

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Why Palais Eleganza Furniture


Great prices for high quality products which will not break the bank but you will enjoy elegance and modern furniture products.

Guaranteed Quality

For any products we offer, we make sure that the product is of good quality and durable even as it is used or maintained in your home or office.

After Sales Service

We do offer delivery services for your goods to reach your home or office. We also setup the products purchased from us.

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