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  • Santiago Grey None Recliner Sofa Set

Santiago Model Sofa Set

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The Santiago Model is a meticulously crafted upholstery, exuding elegance and modern style. This high-quality, non-recliner sofa set, designed to comfortably seat six individuals, features impeccable craftsmanship and a sleek silhouette. Wrapped in luxurious fabric, it offers both durability and a plush, inviting feel. With its timeless charm and attention to detail, the Santiago Model effortlessly enhances any living space, providing a sophisticated centerpiece that embodies comfort and style.

7 Sitter 3+2+1+1
6 Sitter 3+2+1
5 Sitter 3+1+1


Introducing the Santiago Model—a masterpiece of upholstery that embodies both elegance and modern sophistication. This exceptional sofa set exudes a timeless charm and boasts impeccable craftsmanship, making it a true standout in any space.

Designed with a keen eye for detail, the Santiago Model showcases a sleek silhouette and clean lines that effortlessly blend contemporary style with classic appeal. The result is a visually striking piece that adds a touch of refinement to any room. Crafted with meticulous care, the sofa set is built to last, ensuring long-lasting durability and comfort.

The Santiago Model is adorned in high-quality fabric, chosen for its luxurious feel and exceptional resilience. Its sumptuous texture invites you to unwind and relax, while its robust construction guarantees years of enjoyment. This exquisite upholstery is sure to elevate your senses and create a truly indulgent seating experience.

With seating for six, the Santiago Model offers ample space to accommodate your family and guests. Whether hosting gatherings or enjoying cozy moments with loved ones, this sofa set provides a perfect setting for cherished memories. Its non-recliner design focuses on providing generous seating capacity, ideal for creating an inviting atmosphere in your living space.

Embrace the fusion of comfort and style with the Santiago Model. Its elegant modern design, coupled with its superior craftsmanship and premium materials, ensures a piece of furniture that not only fulfills its practical purpose but also becomes a striking centerpiece in your home decor. Elevate your living room to new levels of sophistication with the Santiago Model sofa set and revel in the epitome of luxury.

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Seat Configuration

5 Seater [Singles], 7 Seater, 6 Seater


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