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White Pure Leather Recliner


Live in comfort with high quality white pure leather 6/12 seater recliner sofa set. It’s what you need to make your living room more elegant.

6 Seater 3+2+1RS || Now @Ksh495,800/- || Was @Ksh643,000/-
12 Seater 4C+3+2+1RS+1RS+1RS || Now @Ksh949,800/- || Was @Ksh1,050,800/-

R – Rocking
S – Swivel
C – Center Console


All our pure leather Sofa Sets are recliners with Single Seaters Rock, Swivel and rotate 360 degrees. All our Sofa Sets are PURE, GENUINE and ALL the body LEATHER. Here is some information about TRUE PURE Leather.

☑️ Leather furniture adds sophistication and elegance to any interior, any room or space will look luxuriously
☑️ Leather furniture outlasts fabric 4 to 1, having a useful life of 10-15 years vs. 4-5 years for most fabrics.
☑️ Leather furniture ages well. It will not wear like fabric covers. Instead, fine leather becomes suppler with age
☑️ It is fire resistant and emits no toxic fumes, even when exposed to heat.
☑️ It resists heat and sun damage.
☑️ It “breathes”, assumes body temperature rapidly and is instantaneously comfortable.
☑️ Modern Pure leather furniture does not crack or peel. It stretches and retains its shape without sagging.
☑️ Colors are absorbed by the leather and will not rub off or fade.
☑️ Leather furniture is practical & ideal for busy lifestyles. No special solvents or cleaners and no expensive procedures are necessary for its care.
☑️ Unlike a fabric sofa or cheap leather for which you might worry about kids spilling drinks on it, a pure leather sofa brushes off and still retains the color and style it entered your home with
☑️ As concern for the environment grows, the hunt for a green and eco-friendly fabric to use in the home continues. Leather fulfils both requirements.
☑️ We are talking about Pure, full genuine leather and not many imitations in the market today.


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